Shhh! The race to become the global centre of excellence in medical cannabis research and innovation is quietly underway

June 20th 2018

Canada has the unique opportunity to replicate the entrepreneurial success of the Silicon Valley.

Get ready. Get set. Go.

The race to become the global hub for medical research and innovation in cannabis is now on, but it appears that no Canadian city or leading politician has decided to champion this unique opportunity. While some would strongly argue that Israel is miles ahead in this sprint—the Knesset, country’s legislative body, has only recently passed a bill to decriminalize cannabis with fines for those caught smoking cannabis.

As the Canadian provinces prepare to implement their individual (and mostly dissimilar) retail frameworks, the prospect of a leadership position in medical research and innovation in the sector should have already become a cause célèbre for our post-secondary research community and provincial governments looking to diversify their economies.

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