Making retail lemonade out of Ontario lottery lemons

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Rule intended to prohibit a change in control of the applicant or licensee. I believe in good government. I also believe the Ontario government and its many agencies and commissions are led by smart professionals, both elected and in the public service, who care deeply about what they do and want to do great things for Ontarians. So when the provincial government came to the precipice of opening the window wide for cannabis retail applications opting instead in December to shut down the number of [...]

Independent Cannabis Retailer mīhī enters Ontario Government lottery with expressions of interest

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019 (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) – Toronto, ON. mīhī, the new customer centric cannabis retailer, has entered the AGCO’s lottery process by successfully submitting expressions of interest. With over 40 committed locations already secured and a commitment to building relationships in every community, mīhī is well positioned to achieve its goal of building one of Ontario’s largest cannabis retail platforms. The provincial government has stated that this lottery is a temporary measure [...]

Shhh! The race to become the global centre of excellence in medical cannabis research and innovation is quietly underway

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The race to become the global hub for medical research and innovation in cannabis is now on, but it appears that no Canadian city or leading politician has decided to champion this unique opportunity. While some would strongly argue that Israel is miles ahead in this sprint—the Knesset, country’s legislative body, has only recently passed a bill to decriminalize cannabis with fines for those caught smoking cannabis.